Cards That Help Kids Learn Coding

I really love that companies are totally jumping on the bandwagon of teaching kids coding and programming skills. There are really SO many great products to choose from, so I’m going to highlight the ones I feel are totally worth your time!

First up today I have Scratch Coding Cards. This box is seriously SO much fun. The cards are broken up into a few different projects, and each card helps you code one step in the project. I like that it really breaks it out into easy to perform tasks.

Once you complete a card you can test out what you have already built, and then continue onto the next step. At the end of the section of cards you have a fully working program or game. These are obviously all built using the Scratch platform, so it is really helpful for the kids to be able to see everything it can do and how to do these specific tasks so they can start getting creative and build something on their own!

Next up is probably one of my favorite new products. It’s a subscription box, which is all the rage right now anyway, called bitsbox! Each month you will get a box of cards. The disclaimer here is that I totally pay full price for this every month. Each card will help you program very specific games or activities. Most will let you enter a code to get most of the program already written, and then it will allow you to customize it.

What I REALLY love about the Bitsbox cards is that it’s NOT a drag and drop coding tool like most other ones are. This one will help you write the actual code. It was great to see my son figure out that changing different numbers or words inside the code will produce the results he wants.

Your first set will come with this binder to keep all the different games and program cards in one easy to store location. You can see how our collection has grown since December!

You also will get a sheet of stickers with each box and a tracker, so you can keep track of which ones you’ve already built, and which ones you still need to! My son LOVES getting all the stickers in place each month. He gets SO excited when his box arrives each month so he can start again.¬†You can use the coupon code CODELIZARD, which is good for 10% off your first subscription order!

Both of these sets are likely for ages 6 or 7 up to teens. You may even find yourself wanting to code a few apps yourself! I highly recommend them both!

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