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At Tech4Moms we try to show and share technology that is not just applicable to women, but we love teaching and educating the guys too.

Of course sometimes when it comes to tech toys, it’s awesome being a girl!

Which is precisely how I feel when I saw the Mod booth at PMA in Vegas this year.

Yay for being a girl!

And yay for Mod developing an entire line of camera and lens accessories that finally give photography a feminine flair.

Just check out this coordinating pile of soft and lovely accessories!

Let’s take a looksy, shally we?

First, Mod has hands down the best camera straps for your DSLR camera. These are not the sewn covers that slip over your existing camera strap. I have tried those before, and not only do they add bulk, but they slide all over the place.

Mod DSLR camera straps replace your existing strap, and are made from high quality materials.

Mod has a HUGE selection, and their straps are very affordable, starting at just $19.99. The strap below is the Premium White Eco Strap that retails for $47.50.

One of my favorite parts about the Eco Strap, and many other Mod camera straps, is the removable clips that allow you to easily take your strap on and off when shooting.

Don’t have a DSLR? Mod sells straps for compact cameras too. Check out my little Powershot below.

Um, that white strap is dirty and disgusting.

So much cuter with the Mod Compact Strap! And look, it retails for just $22 and comes with a matching pouch!

All of the Mod camera pouches are made with super soft Minky fabric on the inside. They have pouches for DSLR camera’s, and lenses too.

The Mod Drop in Pouch bag retails for $26.50 ,and easily fits a standard size DSLR with a camera strap. I was able to fit my fixed focal length lens in as well. This is such a great idea when you don’t want to carry more than one bag around. You could easily fit this pouch in your purse or diaper bag.

The Mod Accessory Bag retails for $18.00, and is fabulous bag just for lenses. I  can perfectly fit two lenses, or my camera Speedlight flash also nicely fits inside.

I have to say, my absolute favorite Mod accessory is the lens Cap Saver. For $15.50 you can finally stop buying new lens caps every time you misplace yours. My favorite camera store knows every time I come in, chances are I am buying a new lens cap!

The Mod Cap Saver comes in almost 30 different shapes and designs. You can view all of the different styles here. There are some seriously cute ones!

To learn more about Mod camera accessories, or view all of their beautiful fabrics and designs, go here. Thanks Mod for letting me try out all of these lovely straps and cases and reminding me how much I love being a girl!



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