Built Air Messanger Bag

This is the 11″ Air Messanger Bag by Built.

I kinda have a big ol’ crush on this bag.

It’s one of the many amazing custom fit bags by Built. This one is made specifically for the 11″ MacBook Air. Built goes above and beyond making custom bags made specifically for Apple products.

Ya know how jean companies make pants specific to your size?

Same thing.

This is the skinny jeans for your laptop ladies.

For me this is the perfect bag. I have an 11″ laptop, which it is intended for. But, sometimes when I am on the go, I just travel with my iPad and wireless keyboard.

This bag perfectly fits my iPad with it’s case on, keyboard, iPhone, and much more. I love that I can easily change back and forth with my laptop.

The Air Messanger bag is definately one of those not too big, not to small kinda bags. Ya know what I mean?

Plus, as always, Built gives you that 360 degree protection with high quality neoprene, and a plush-lined front inner panel.

I don’t know who at Built threw plush and neoprene together, but I would like to wear it my friends.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I just invented the next skinny jean.

Oh no, wait.

That’s already called a wetsuit.


Somebody sit on that.

Another one of my favorite features is the adjustable shoulder strap. I always wear my bag or purse strap cross-body when out with my kids.

(Mostly because if I don’t, I am always nailing them in the head with my bag. Sorry kids. )

I love wearing this bag across my shoulder because it lays soooo flat. I could totally wear this when doing a lot of walking or biking.

The Built Air Messanger bag retails for under $70, and can be purchased directly from Built HERE.

Thanks Built for letting me try out this awesome bag, and feel free to send me any  fabric scraps you have laying around. I am serious about this skinny jeans idea. 🙂

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