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BREAKING: USPS Eliminates Saturday Delivery!

2-6-2013 12-10-34 PM


The USPS announced today that, starting in August, they will no longer be delivering mail on Saturdays!  They will continue to deliver packages on Saturdays though.  This decision, I’m sure, didn’t come lightly.  Personally I think it’s an excellent move on their part.

First, the amount of mail going through the USPS is much less these days.  I rarely get anything in the mail.  I try and get paid mostly through Paypal, almost ALL of my bills arrive in my email, or I just pay them online.  I’m definitely not the only one.  I think Sweepstakers are probably single handedly keeping the USPS in business.

Second, many businesses aren’t even open on Saturday.  This makes a good portion of the mail that comes on Saturday useless, since those items won’t be received until Monday anyway.

Third, I would much rather have them do this (which is supposed to be saving them 2 BILLION dollars annually) then have them lay off workers.

In this digital world the USPS becomes less and less relevant, but I still believe it’s necessary.  We still need items to get from point A to point B no matter how much we transfer to digital banking and files.  While it’s definitely a shock, I applaud the USPS for recognizing a place they can cut costs.

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