Blu-Ray, Is HD Really Better?

I mentioned the other day that we finally got our broken TV replaced through our warranty.  Since then, it’s like I’m enjoying my HD picture all the more.  I have several friends that have not experienced the joy of an HD picture, who ask me all the time… is high definition REALLY better?  I say “oh boy, a million times YES!”

Typically older movies I haven’t really concerned myself with upgrading the DVD I already own to Blu-Ray unless I can get a super deal on the Blu-Ray.  I’m mainly not really concerned about older movies, because I know that they weren’t filmed in HD, so the while the Blu-Ray transfer does give it some definition, it’s usually not enough of a difference to make it annoying for me to watch on standard definition.  That is until I just watched Back to the Future, which was just released on Blu-Ray, on my new TV.  The picture was seriously AMAZING!  For a movie filmed in the 80’s, I was completely blown away with how crisp and clear it was.

What do you need in order to get this beautiful, crisp picture?  First you need an HD TV.  I think a majority of the TV’s are HD these days, so that won’t be a hard thing to get.  As you get into the larger screens full 1080p is going to be what you want.  Smaller screens can get away with 720p, as with that size you really won’t notice.

The next thing you will need is an HDMI cable.  On the cable, you could buy a $200 HDMI cable, or a $4 HDMI cable, and it wouldn’t make any sort of difference in the picture quailty.  The reason for this is an HDMI cable sends it’s picture signal with 1’s and 0’s.  It would take an awfully big loss of signal for a 1 to look like a 0 on the other side.  Save your money on the cable, and buy some extra Blu-Ray disc’s instead.

After the cable you will need a Blu-Ray Player.  These players are getting more reasonable every day, so you are running out of excuses not to have one!  Don’t worry though, when you buy a Blu-Ray player it will also play all of your old standard DVD’s as well.  No need to convert everything right off the bat.

The last piece of your HD puzzle is a Blu-Ray disc of one of your favorite movies.  A Blu-Ray disc will only work on Blu-Ray players (and as I said, Blu-Ray players WILL play standard discs as well, but not vice versa, as a standard player will not play Blu-Ray movies).

So I’m going to sit and finish watching Marty McFly and Doc tear up my screen in all their HD glory!  I hope you get to do the same very soon!

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