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Sometimes I don’t just blog about technology, sometimes I blog about my life.  Technology usually gets involved somehow though, because tech is pretty much in all aspects of my life.  This week I’m attending a HUGE blogging conference called BlogHer.  It’s in New York, and I’m super excited to go, since I have never been to New York before!  The other REALLY exciting part is that I have also been selected to read on of my posts in their community Keynote speech called Voices of the Year!  Check out all of the other finalists for the Voices of the Year!  What you may not know about me (or maybe you do if you’ve ever met me), is that I’m what they call “Fashion Stupid”.  I wear a surf shirt and jeans nearly every day (and according to Angry Julie the shirts are always very light in color).  I also have a wide array of solid (light colored) button up shirts from my days as an IT Manager.  I rarely move away from this formula. 

So, when the good people at GAP contacted me for a “styling” I seriously couldn’t respond fast enough!  My appointment was set, and I headed out to the mall on Saturday morning.  I did have other errands to run in the area afterwards, which included a stop at the Sprint store because someone (little Michael) THREW my Pre on the plane last week when we were coming home from Southern California and cracked the screen.  Which rendered the touch screen phone untouchable. 

I arrived at GAP and found my contact Julie (University Mall in Orem if you are local).  She got me in touch with another employee Kenzie, who had already picked out a few outfits for me to try on!  There were several great options.  I have to admit, that I always have loved GAP, even when I was in high school the majority of my wardrobe was from the GAP (and Eddie Bauer, but hey I’m from Oregon, so duh!)  Lately though most of my wardrobe is from Old Navy and PacSun. 

When I was younger ALL of my jeans were GAP though, and since I’ve gotten older, I haven’t even given the jeans a second look.  I was really excited to “get back to my roots”.  One thing I noticed about the jeans is how much better quality they were.  Sure, you are going to pay more for jeans at GAP then at PacSun, but they will last longer, and therefore end up costing about the same.  Kenzie picked out some skinny jeans for me to wear.  Now I have no sense of fashion, but I hated them.  She said they looked great on me (and she had said that other pants weren’t flattering, so I trust that she knew what she was talking about).  So I snapped a picture of me in the skinny jeans to keep for posterity, as you will NEVER see me in skinny jeans again (unless I somehow magically become a size 0).  Since after my styling appointment I had to go to the Sprint store, they had to wipe my phone out to fix the screen, and therefore the skinny jean picture has been lost for all time (probably a good thing).  The jeans I did end up going with though are their Love Worn wash.  Oh MY GOODNESS!  I wanted to snuggle up with these jeans and go take a nap!  They are sooooo comfy.  The fabric is just awesome.  You have to go to GAP and check out this fabric. 

Julie and Kenzie were great, and picked out a couple of great outfits for me.  I love them so much that I’m definitely wearing both of the outfits at BlogHer, and I’ll definitely be wearing one during my reading in the keynote!  And to my friend Angry Julie, there is a dark purple involved!  Julie and Kenzie also both said on separate occasions that they wished more customers would let them pick out outfits for them to try.  Anyone can have the same experience of getting outside your comfort zone and trying something you may not have originally picked out for yourself!  I mean, heck, if I can try on skinny jeans, you can too!

*Disclosure – Gap was generous enough to give me 2 complete outfits.  I was under no obligation to talk or post about the experience, but am doing so because I love the clothes I got so much, and loved the entire experience.

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