Biscotti TV Phone

I did something taboo.

Want to hear about it?

I let my television babysit my children.

I will admit it. I stuck them on the couch, and for two hours I did everything a mother wants to do while being child free.

Shopping? Paint my nails? Soak in the tub?

Nope. I cleaned the bathrooms.

It was heavenly!

Here’s the thing though. It wasn’t mindless cartoons or trashy television. I actually turned on a TV Phone, called my sister in Washington DC, and my kids actually played with their cousins for two hours!

We used the Biscotti TV Phone. It’s this cool new itty bitty device that sits right on top of your television, and can call anyone else with a Biscotti, or a google account.

We have tried video chatting with my sister before, but when you both squish your big family in front of a laptop it makes it hard for everyone to see and be heard.

The cool thing about Biscotti is it captures the whole room you are in. The high-definition picture quality is far better than typical video chatting too.

Here’s some photos of my kids having fun with their cousins while hanging out on Biscotti. First my son showed off his new lego set.

Then my girls broke into song. (I finally had to shut the signing down after twenty minutes of screaming All the Single Ladies.)

When it got near bedtime for out East Coast cousins, my eldest child offered to read them a bedtime story. How cute is that???

Some of my favorite features of Biscotti is that the device comes with a remote control. It’s very easy to call our contacts, and setting up the Biscotti was fast and easy as well. I did it all by myself in under five minutes. I also love that it uses our house wi-fi, so I don’t have to stress about running a cable upstairs to our internet.

The sound quality was really good. There were a few times my kids were just so excited to chat with their cousins that no one could hear what was going on. We had to work on speaking louder and clearer, and then everyone got along fine, until the end when my sister and I had to shut it down because we were both tired of the kids trying to scareĀ each other screaming Booo!

Seriously, my kids had a blast visiting with their cousins. I think we will make it a weekly tradition to call them on Sunday nights. We have also tried out the Biscotti calling my husband at work during the day. He has used his laptop to chat with us through his gmail account. It’s really fast and easy to set up chatting through Google too.

If you are interested in learning more about Biscotti, you can visit their website here. The Biscotti retails for $199 for the device and remote, and the phone calls are free. Thanks Biscotti for letting us try out this cool new TV Phone! We love it, and can’t wait to use it again, and again.

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