Come Up With the Best Wifi Network Names and Make Your Neighbors Jealous

About 10 years ago everyone thought they were so funny naming their wireless network “FBI Surveillance Van”. Now that everyone is in on the joke, it’s just not that hilarious anymore. Your wireless network name should be representative of who you are. You want people to see your wifi network and either laugh, understand the reference, and if they know you say “YES, I know exactly who’s network that is”. Coming up with the best wifi network names can be difficult though. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

5 ways to find the best wifi network names

The subtle pop culture approach

I’m a huge fan of wearing shirts that reference pop culture, but with subtlety. For example, one of my favorite shirts looks like a Van Halen logo, but if you look more closely, you will see that the band is actually Wyld Stallyns. If you don’t know who the Wyld Stallyns are, then you need some Bill and Ted education, stat. Taking a subtle approach to your wifi can help you come up with the best wifi network names.

Pick the city your favorite show or movie is located in (Sunnydale, Pawnee, Hill Valley, Mordor etc)

Use a name famously associated with a movie or TV Show (Mouse Rat, Wyld Stallyns, Enterprise, Millennium Falcon, The One Ring, etc)

Use a short quote (NoCryingInBaseball, BadFeelingAboutThis, BiggerBoat, NoSoupForYou, etc)

Your favorite place

Disneyland is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Disneyland is known as the Happiest Place on Earth (sidenote: common misconceptions are that both Disneyland and Disney World are known as the Happiest Place on Earth, and there can be only ONE actual happiest place on earth, so Disney World is specifically known as the Most Magical Place on Earth). As such, my current wifi name is actually HappiestPlaceOnEarth. Having a Disney theme also lends itself to having “BeOurGuest” as my guest wifi name, but we’ll get into that in a minute.

Maybe you like to be in the ocean, or at the lake, or in the mountains, your wifi network name can reflect this about you. Some examples include OnTheLake, GoneSurfin, Trails4Life, etc. Just think about your favorite place to be or your favorite thing to do, and come up with something based on that.

Gettin punny with it

We’ve seen the old standby’s like PrettyFlyForAWiFi and ThisLANisMyLAN, but I would venture to guess that there is a whole world of puns that we haven’t even explored yet. Like maybe TrophyWifi or HappyWiFiHappyLife? You could even reverse the pun a bit and use something like Wife Eye.

Play off of other networks in your area

If you have other creative folks in your area, you might be able to play off of their creativity. Say their network name is NoSoupForYou, yours could be ComeBack1Year… or even NEXT!!

The only problem with this method is if your neighbor moves or changes their wifi network name, your name might not make as much sense.

Use it to tell your neighbors something

Want someone’s dog to stop barking? Get your neighbors to mow their lawn more regularly? Make your entire neighborhood mad in one fell swoop? Come up with a wifi name that allows you to tell them exactly what is on your mind. Some good examples include NoMoreDogPoop, ILikeToCallTheCops, BeAwareOfNoiseOrdinance and more!

Use a fun guest network name too

Guest networks are an important part of your home wifi setup. I typically have quite a complicated password to access our home network. I don’t give it out to people who are visiting, especially kids. Our guest network, however, has an extremely easy password to remember. This way we can give it out to people and if we ever feel the need to revoke access to a guest we can change it easily without having to change all the other devices on our network.

Your guest network can be related to your main network as well. Much like my “BeOurGuest” for our Disney themed network. If Pawnee is your network name, you could have a guest network called Eagleton. The password to your guest network should also fit with the name and be really easy to type in and remember.

Coming up with the best wifi network names doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s not like a tattoo where you need to think about what you like today and what you will like tomorrow, if you hate it down the road you can always change it, just be prepared to change ALL of the devices in your home (which could be plentiful)

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