Best In Show at CES 2012

Wondering what new (and returning) products at CES this year stand out for women and families? Here’s the first batch of Tech4Moms Best of CES 2012:

1. Almost 95% of phone cases displayed at CES were for the iPhone 4/4S. There were some seriously amazing cases from diamond bling to canvas camo. Our winner for both design and selection goes to Cygnet hands down. This brushed aluminum case is assured to set you apart in a crowd. The Urban Shield retails for $19.99.

2. In a sea of new tablets, the Sony S stood way out amongst the others. This device shouts family friendly with it’s folded magazine style and easy grip back. Worried about your kids carrying around your expensive devices? Sony brilliantly inclues a wrist strap, much like compact cameras do. We were so interested in the Sony S, we will be dedicating another seperate post and review about it soon. The Sony S Tablet 16GB retails for $399.99.

3. Bang & Olufsen is well known for high quality products and sound. This year they are launching their new line, B&O Play. Our favorite in the new line up: The Beolit 12. This lovely speaker, resembling a vintage transistor radio from the 60’s, is sure to be a big hit with women who appreciate high quality and design. Complete with a real leather carrying strap, the Beolit 12 has a rechargeable battery and features Apple Airplay Technology. The Beolit 12 retails for  $799 and comes in three different hues.

4. Crowds taking pictures of themselves seems to be an ongoing hit at the CES Polaroid booth. This year, several Z340’s were spread out for tech lovers to try out this hot camera featuring Zero Ink paper. Think that sounds pretty cool? How about the fact that the Z340 has an internal digital camera and LCD screen. Now you can choose which pictures are paper worthy, wasting less of your instant film to blurry toes and crooked smiles. The Polaroid Z340 retails for $299, and an additional 30 sheet box of 3″x4″ paper will run around $20.

5. When this new baby monitor by Levana hits the shelves, you’ll be the first to know! Video monitors are notorious for being confusing and having poor quality. This cool new monitor is super easy to navigate. In fact, it so many cool additional features, were just going to have to contribute another whole post to tell you about it. So swaddle those babies and sit back, in a week or two we’ll tell you more about it.

6. 3Feet wins hands down for quality and durability in a phone and tablet stand. Featured in over ten bright colors, this stand us up for some family wear and tear. Tech4Moms put this baby to the test! Even our sore feet couldn’t break this colorful stand after several kicks and stomps. Best part? It even holds the iPad 1 & 2 steadily and securely. The 3Feet stand retails for @24.99, but currently sells on Amazon for $14.99.

7. The Grid-It by Cacoon was definitely a show stopper with the women this year. (Maybe next year have hot men showing them off instead of women???) This super cool fabric covered board is full of elastics that hold cables, cords, and tech devices in an orderly fashion. We think the Grid-It would also be perfect for organizing makeup, office supplies, and accessories. The Grid-It comes in multiple colors and sizes starting at just $9.99. You can view the huge selection here.

8. I had so many booths offer to clean my phone screen my cell phone started to scream enough! But of all the cleaning cloths out there, Toddy Gear wins best of show in cleaning. Not only do we love the dual sided plush and silk microfiber, they boasted so many feminine designs and styles we lost count. A 5×7 inch Toddy retails for $9.99, and a 9×9 inch cloth retails for $14.99.

9. This year at CES, cameras were all about built-in wi-fi. The Sony Bloggie Live was hands down the coolest camera and video recorder that had both the quality and durability a family needs. The cell phone like size is perfect for your pocket or purse too! The Sony Bloggie Live allows you to upload images to your computer or web over Wi-Fi. Also, if you want your distant relatives to get in on the family fun, you can set up the camera to send a text or e-mail message when you are recording video live. Singing happy birthday to your two year old? Grandma and Grandpa can now receive that text or e-mail, and watch LIVE as you are recording. How amazing is that! We will be featuring and talking more about it in the next few weeks. The Sony Bloggie Live retails for $249.99.

10. Although the Nikon D4 proved to bring in a big draw, it was the Nikon 1 J1 that grabbed many visitors attention. Spread out in a colorful display, this interchangeable lens camera has five hot eye-catching hues. We especially love it in pink! The Nikon 1 J1 one-lens kit retails for $649.95.

11. I have always known SwitchEasy for it’s amazingly designed iPhone cases. (The Avant-Garde series is my favorite.) But this time, SwitchEasy earns the Tech4Moms best in show for it’s Pure(AR) protective screen covers. You know how he mini vans with the fold down seats have the numeral tabs to help you know what order to fold the seats down in? Well, the Pure(AR) screens do the same. Numbered in order of use, guessing which side goes up or down will never be a problem again. Each package also comes with a cleaning cloth, not always the norm for screen protectors. The Pure(AR) screen protectors sell on Amazon for around $13 here.

12. Just like we wrap our cell phones in protective cases, the idea of wrapping your camera is starting to really catch on. The Snug-it Pro made by easyCover is made specifically to fit your DSLR. The Snug-it Pro is washable, easy to slide over your camera, and allows you to still access your battery and memory card. The website is simple to search for your camera make and model, and also directs you to find the nearest distributor. The Snug-it Pro retails here from $20-$40, depending on your camera model.

13. The brilliant folks at Lenspen are at it again! This year at CES we are awarding them the Best in Show for their multiple cleaning tools for phones, tablets, and laptops. Using their signature carbon compound, they have created several new products for cleaning any kind of glass, plasma, optical lens, or LCD surface. Our favorite is the classic Lenspen which retails for $14.95. Having a hard time keeping your tablet or iPad clean? Be sure to check out the Sidekick.

14. We were so impressed with the Biscotti TV Phone system, we will soon be posting about and trying it for ourselves. Communicating with long distance family and friends is something we often get asked about, and we are thrilled to be able to try out Biscotti. The Biscotti TV Phone retails for $199. Stay tuned for our review and tutorial!

15. M-Edge makes a huge selection of beautiful Apple product cases, but our Best of Show case for kids goes to the SuperShell. Made from ultra-protective closed-cell foam that helps absorb shock, this case will protect your iPad 2 if (heaven forbid) your child ever drops it. The super rounded corners are great for little hands, and the bright atomic green is well liked by little ones. Our favorite part? The case boasts access to all your necessary ports and buttons, including volume. The SuperShell retails for $29.99.

16. No more splitting the pizza bill with friends with an IOU. The Square credit card reader is a free device, and free app for your iOS device. For just 2.75% you will find that accepting payments for babysitting, or even at your next yard sale, is well worth the small fee for each transaction. To sign up for Square go here.

Congratulations to all of these Tech4Moms CES 2012 Best in Show winners!

We are so excited to feature more products and tech devices over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for Best in Show part 2!


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