Best Downloads for School Work

I’m continuing my week of back to school with some great back to school downloads.

First up is WordWeb.  WordWeb is a Dictionary, Thesaurus, Word finder that will work in almost any program.  If you are typing something up in say your WordPress Dashboard, you can highlight the word and find references quickly and easily.  Best feature?  It’s FREE!

Google Earth is another great resource for students of all ages.  Geography class, science, even history can all be helped with Google Earth.  You can explore the ocean (which will be a favorite tool of my daughters, as anything that has to do with the Ocean becomes her obsession).  You can also view historical imagery, and even find your own house!  Again, the basic version is FREE!

This next tool is seriously awesome!  It’s called Reviewand you can create your own flash cards.  I remember when I was in school I would create 3×5 cards when studying for a test and take those suckers EVERYWHERE.  Just by creating these notecards it helps to remember the information.  Review takes this to the next level by allowing you to create them on your computer.  So much faster (and easier) than trying to cram all of that data on a 3×5!  Review is free for 90 days, but I think you’ll like it enough to keep.

Notalon is a free tool to help make taking notes easier.  This is perfect for a college student who will be using their laptop for notetaking, as it helps you to take notes quickly while you are listening to the lecture.  According to it’s website it is “lifting the burden of formatting so that you can focus on taking notes.”

This last one isn’t necessarily a download, but an online student organizer.  “GradeMate is a powerful online organizer for teachers and students to keep track of their courses — from managing grades, assignments, and events to sharing files, course notes, and class discussions.”  Never miss an assignment again with this great organizer!

Definitely check out these tools to help make the school year a successful one!

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