Belkin LiveAction Remote

Tired of being the one always taking the pictures?

When I compiled our family digital scrapbook last year, I seriously began to think it looked like I was creating a photo album for a single handsome man and his four adorable children.

Where the heck is mom in all these pictures?

Oh… that’s right. I was taking them all! Ahhh!

Well friends, worry no more. Now all your iPhone 4/4S and iPod photos can include the most important subject….you!

This is the Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote. It retails for $49.99, and paired with a free app in the app store, it will ensure you never miss out on a family photo op again.

This intuitive remote allows you to activate your iPhone or iPod Touch camera shutter from up to 30 feet away—wirelessly. Two button controls let you instantly switch between photo and video functions without ever touching your device.

How does it work? The remote and detachable stand separate for capturing those important pictures, and then slide back together to create the ultimate pocket-sized camera kit.

The iPod or iPhone 4/4S stand is both slim and small, but still remains sturdy enough to keep your phone upright and angled toward your subject.

To use your LiveAction remote, all you need to do is open the Belkin LiveAction free app available through iTunes here. The cool thing about the app is that  you can also easily email your photo and video files directly within the application. You can also upload your files directly to Facebook!

Thanks Belkin for letting me try out this family friendly remote! I can’t wait to actually start appearing on our family photo albums!

To purchase or learn more about the Belkin LiveAction remote, go here.


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