Backing Up… Again (Cause it’s THAT Important)

So my sister posted a comment on my last post about how she is nervous about her laptop getting stolen and losing all of her information on her laptop.  Now I have told my sister time and time again that she needs to purchase and external hard drive and back up her laptop!  She continues to ignore my requests, and thus I will say a hearty “I told you so” when her laptop’s hard drive bites the dust, or she happens to destroy her laptop.  If you are smart though and actually TAKE my advice (I really have no room to talk though, cause I never take her advice about eating healthier) then lets walk through backing up your computer using Norton Ghost.

Norton Ghost is one of my favorite backup utilities.  Here is the beauty of Ghost.  I back up my laptop pretty regularly.  My laptop’s hard drive bit the dust a while back.  The Dell guy came out, replaced the hard drive and then went back on his merry way.  If I did not have a Ghost backup I would have had to re-install all of my programs and then restore all of my files back to their correct locations.  Since I had my backup though all I had to do was restore the image, and it was as if my hard drive had never even left.  With NO effort on my part.

What Ghost does is create an “image” of your computer.  Basically it’s a snapshot of all of your settings/programs/files exactly as they are at the time of the backup.  You can schedule the backups to occur at regular intervals, and you can tell it the type of backup you want to do.

Full Image Backup – This backs up everything on your computer from programs to files, to your background.  It is how you won’t miss a beat in the event of a bad virus, a software install that goes sideways, or even a hardware failure.

Files and Folders – You can also select to just back up your files and folders (specifying which ones you want backed up based on location or even just by file type!)  Say you want to backup all of the .jpg’s on your computer in various folders that they may be in.  Just specify that file type and it will take all of the images from your computer and place them on your external hard drive (or wherever else your backups are located)

Incremental – an incremental backup is a great tool to make sure your backups are always up to date.  What an incremental backup does is back up only files that have changed since the last backup.  This makes the backup quicker, and always up to date.

Ghost has some more great features that you should check out!


Symantec has graciously given me a copy of Norton Ghost to give away!  Simply comment on this post for your entry!  You can also tweet about the giveaway for one extra entry.  I am also giving away a copy of Norton 360 v. 4.  I personally don’t use 360 as I like a much quieter antivirus program that I can’t even tell is there.  Each is worth about $70!!  There will be two winners.  Giveaway will end at 8 PM on Sunday, April 25th.

GOOD LUCK!  and get that backup ASAP!!

*Disclaimer – I received a free copy of Ghost to review, but I was already using a previous version that I had purchased myself.  I have never used Norton 360, and did not receive a review copy of it at my own request.

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  • Would love this. My external hard drive crashed last week and I was lucky to have some of it backed up to cds, but not all due to how long it would take me to manually back-up with disks. Looks like like the perfect solution!

  • I learned this the hard way. I lost everything last year when my hard drive died. It was so frustrating to lose all my pictures and to have to reload all my software. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I have a new laptop with hundreds of pictures on it – I need to start backing up now but it takes so much time that I often neglect it. This sounds like a great program.

  • Great timeing on this post! I have a nearly empty external hard drive and I’ve been trying to decide what tools/methods to use to do my backups!

  • Ooh, nice giveaway. I used to work at a company (8 years ago) that used some kind of ghost program. Anytime a new employee started, they used that to load the new computers. Sounds like a fun techie product I would like!

  • Oh this sounds like something I could use! Wonder if I’ll get lucky or have to go get it on my own!

    Absolutely LOVE your blog! I’m a Pre user/lover as well! Can’t live without my PRE!!!!!

  • Computer issues are SO frustrating to me! I would love to have the peace of mind that a program like this brings. Hope to win!

    PS.. I LOVE the common sense advice, and the tips you give on this blog. Thank you!

  • This sure would have come in handy when BOTH, yep, both our PC and laptop crashed in the same week. Painful, very painful!

  • Unfortunately, I learned the hard way how important backing up is when I switched from Vista to 7. I lost EVERYTHING! So a broke single mother in grad school could really use the hard drive *wink, wink*!
    .-= Natalie L´s last blog ..The Power of Relaxation =-.

  • I just bought my first external Hard drive.. WD SE 1 TB 3.0/2.0 for my first backup.. Just waiting on it to be delivered now.. This program sounds great.. I have been putting off doing a backup (Not looking forward to the time spent); Fingers and toes are crossed hopeing that nothing occurs till it gets here.. This program I’ve not heard of yet.. I do run Norton 360 5.0.. And now you’ve given me reason to actually go to the website and see what else they have to offer.. thank you for your review!1 Drew