Baby Feed Tracker Plus App Review

I seriously wish this app existed when my oldest kids were babies. If you have ever nursed a babe, you know that everyone has a creative idea for how to keep track of which side they last nursed on. I tried it all from wearing an elastic around my wrist and switching sides each time, to safety pins that I swap around on my nursing bra. The problem is sleep deprivation always wins in the end and would leave me constantly wondering… which side am I on???

Baby Feed Tracker Plus is one of those heaven sent applications that allows you to record and manage your breast feeding. Hallelujah! You can also easily track your bottle feeding, as well as your babys naps and diaper changes too. Yahoo!

Baby Feed Tracker Plus also has a beautifully crafted user interface, and is so incredibly easy to use.  In fact, I was not surprised to read that it has been rated the #1 baby feed tracking app on the app store.

Whether nursing, pumping, or bottle feeding, the app easily will record the date and duration of your infant eating. For nursing moms it will track which side you last fed on and be reminded which side to start from next. It also allows you to view the total times you fed your baby during the day, week, or month. With a new baby there’s no way I would have ever had the time to do that on my own! You can also view your average feed time, and average time between feeding.

When it comes to diaper changing, you can easily track when you changed your little one’s diapers, and what kind of change it was whether it was wet, dirty, or both. You can view total number of changes per day, week or month, and also view the average time between changes. This is brilliant! My pediatrician was always asking how often my newborns were needing to be changed, and I never could remember. This is also fabulous for calculating how many diapers you need to buy at the store, or bring along with you in your diaper bag when you go out.

When it comes to napping the Baby Feed Tracker Plus app is a fabulous tool to have as well. Using the app to track when and for how long your baby has napped is a breeze. You can easily track the total number of naps per day, week or month, calculate the time between napping, and even set nap reminders. If you are itching for some down time yourself, it’s easy to track your sleep schedule too!

For just $1.99 the Baby Feed Tracker Plus is a fabulous app for parents of little one’s! Baby Feed Tracker Plus is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation) and the iPad. To purchase the app or learn more you can visit iTunes here.

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