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There are a LOT of games available for your phone these days.  I mean A LOT!  So generally I don’t look for games that just entertain, especially when I’m looking for games for my kids.  That is one reason I liked Awesome Upstander! So much.  I love games that sort of teach you when you aren’t even noticing that you are learning.

Awesome Upstander! is your typical side scrolling video game.  During the level you are asked to collect a certain number of your friends, and a “special item”.  One level was an air freshener (because “bullying stinks!”).  The controls are right on the screen, so it’s easy to know which one will bring  your character up, right and left.  My 7 year old daughter was able to pick it up right away.

The premise is that you are standing up to the bully in your school, and gathering your friends to help you stand up to them.  There are several different scenes, which mostly take place in a school setting, such as the cafeteria, or the bathroom.  It teaches kids that they can do something about bullies in their school.

The other great thing is that on their website they have downloadable resources for parents and teachers!  These downloads include talking points to help your discussion with your kids on these topics, and “Do’s and Don’ts” of dealing with these types of situations.

There are 20 levels in the game, with varying difficulty.  There are also lifelike sounds in the game (sounds like belching, which makes the kids laugh and giggle for sure… the parents not so much).

Overall Maddie had a lot of fun playing it, and asked me for my phone later that evening to play it again.

Even better is that during the month of Oct (which is National Bullying Prevention month) the app will be donating 50 % percent of its proceeds to partnership organizations (The Kind Campaign & ParentingPride/TruthLocker) who are also working to fight bullying. More info can be found at:  So now is the perfect time to pick up this app, if for nothing else but helping out a great cause.

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