Appliance Technology Gets Sensored!

While we were at the Bosch Appliances showroom we learned so much about the technology that is in these machines!  I have to tell you about the sensors!  These machines have so many sensors, that we were amazed that it wasn’t able to find the stain, evaluate it as to which type of stain it is and clean accordingly (it’s close, but it’s not QUITE there yet)

Bosch Appliances feature an intelligent network of sensors making Bosch the most efficient brand in America.  Here are some of the sensors that stuck out for me…

ActiveClean –  It detects how many suds are still left in the washer and gages it’s rinse cycle based on that.  It will only rinse as much as there are suds left.  This keeps your clothes nicer if they don’t have to be rinsed as many times.

Aqua Stop – There are a few places that Bosch has implemented this technology.  The hoses that are attached to the machine are double insulated.  If something happens and one hose breaks it will go into the second hose.  If there is water detected in the second hose it will shut down the machine and give you an error code.  Another place they have the Aqua Stop sensor is in the machine itself.  If water leaks out of the drum it will trigger the sensor and shut down the machine.  You will never flood you laundry room with this system!

ActiveWater – These sensors are constantly analyzing the wash load and adjusting the water temperature and water levels to make the most efficient use of the water and the power it takes to heat the water!

In Vision dryers, ActiveDry sensors detect remaining moisture throughout the cycle to lower the energy usage.  This one is HUGE for me, who has no idea when my clothes will be dry, so I just put it on for the longest amount of time and know that everything will eventually get dry!

Load Sensor – This sensor helps the washer to anaylze the wash load and will adjust how much water to use fo the initial cycle based on the load size.  No more guessing if your load is “Small, Medium or Large”.

Oh and did I mention it’s sooooooooooo quiet!  We had a whole presentation by the Bosch Rep and a Container Store rep, while the washer was running, and we didn’t notice anything!  Check out this fun commercial…

Disclaimer – Bosch paid for my trip to AZ and the showroom, but did not tell me what to write or compensate me for these posts.

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