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A few weeks ago my daughter left for school excited in anticipation of a field trip she had that day. As soon as she was on the bus I realized she forgot the parent permission slip she needed in order to go. Her teacher had e-mailed it to me several days before, and I had continually forgotten to send it in.

Luckily, her school is only a mile away.

Unlucky for me, I have a toddler who refuses to wear clothing. Especially when it’s 20 degrees outside and I have somewhere urgent I need to go.

I spent twenty minutes chasing and wrangling my toddler with a pair of pants and shirt. It took me another fifteen just to plead with her to get in the car, and then I spent the entire drive with her kicking the back of my seat.

May my toddler one day be blessed with triplet boys that tear her house appart, and scream every time she turns on the car radio.

Actually, what I really want in life is just an easier way to send teachers important paperwork without having to stress about whether it makes it to school or not. If I had had a way to just sign the paper and e-mail it right back I wouldn’t have had to interrupt my toddlers routine in the first place.

Well my friends, I just discovered there’s an app for that. (For signing documents I mean, not watching your baby while you run your grade schoolers lunch to her elementary school.)  🙂

It’s called Docusign Ink. Chances are you’ve already heard of it since it’s the #3 downloaded app in the US and UK under productivity. DocuSignInk is a free application through itunes, and there is no limit to how many documents you can send.

Check out how cool this is… With DocuSign Ink you can sign and return any document on your phone or computer in seconds. It even works on your iPad! All you do is import a documents from your e-mail, the internet, or even take a picture of  something you need to sign with your camera. Here, take a look at this versatility:

Oh my awesomeness. I didn’t even have to print out that permission slip! I could have signed and emailed it right back. Or, if the field trip slip had come home in my daughters backpack, I could have just photographed it on my kitchen counter, signed and emailed it, and saved myself the three day back ache from being kicked by a twenty-nine pound toddler that morning.

(How is it kids under thirty pounds are so stinkin’ strong???)

My absolute favorite part of this document is that it’s not just for signing your name. You can also initial documents, add text, add check marks, and date the document you are signing.

iPhone Screenshot 3


My neighbor rents her house from a nice man who lives out of state. Every time she renews her lease she could just do it from her phone, and e-mail the document right back. So cool! This would also be an awesome application if your child was having a birthday party at a location requiring all parents to sign a liability waiver. My son was invited to a birthday party last year at one of those bounce house places. It was such a pain in the tush dropping him off! I had to wait in a swarm of twenty ten year-olds to sign a permission slip, all while my three other kids cried because they wanted to stay and play. Had I been e-mailed the slip before the party I could have easily signed it, and dropped him off at the door.

Another neat thing about this app is how easy it is to use. DocuSign Ink has several tutorials and practice documents to help familiarize you with the application. I also loved  creating my own account and password so no one else can sign in and use my signature. An authenticity certificate is also included to prove the legality of your signature.

I wish someone would send me a certificate of authenticity that I am going to survive the next twenty years of parenthood.


To download DocuSign Ink through iTunes go here. To learn about using it on your desktop computer, PC laptop, or other smart phone, visit the DocuSign website here.

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