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Did you know that your phones and tablets are vulnerable to viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and all that jazz, just like your computer is? Think of all the sensitive information you keep on your phone, like saved passwords to bank accounts, login information…everything. Do you want that info to be available to the kinds of people who create malicious code? So you need protect your mobile devices, just like you do your computer.

Now that you are aware of the threat, keep calm. The first thing to know is that the creators of your mobile OS have taken a few steps to keep malware out, so you aren’t completely unprotected. But this doesn’t cover all your bases, and this protection is null and void if you’ve rooted your device.

First thing to do to protect yourself: be cognizant of what you download. Anytime you download anything you’re giving everything within that file a wide open door and a welcome mat. Malware can be hidden within media files, documents, and even apps. Yes, apps in the Play Store, or the App store can have malware inside them. Try to stick with apps by reputable developers.

Second thing to do to protect yourself: install an anti-malware app on your device. As a human you can’t really know which files contain malware. It can be inside innocuous documents shared by a friend who doesn’t know they’re infected, or a hacked website that would normally be trustworthy. That’s why you need a dependable program to do the scanning for you, it will scan new downloads as well as existing files.

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Mobile Anti-Malware 1The good news is that Malwarebytes—my favorite anti-malware program—also comes in the form of a free mobile app. Just search Malwarebytes in your app store, install, then scan.

And now you’re protected.

*I was not paid or endorsed in any way by Malwarebytes. I just love their product and have been using them for years.

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  • Yes, I am very aware of hackers hacking our iphones, smartphones, and tablets as well as our computers. They use phony apps to get you to download and they get access to all your personal information like your credit cards, bank accounts, social media friends and more. Once they get hold of your personal information, they sell it on the internet to identity thieves. So be careful not to download any apps. Go to the google app store or apple store to download apps you are familiar with.