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This summer my siblings and I are all going to Yellowstone.  We are really excited about the trip!  Our last “sibling reunion” was a couple years ago in Southern California.  We had a great time, and we ALL took a ton of pictures.  From our cameras, from our cell phones, from the GoPro, etc.  We wanted a way to see all the pictures we all took, without having to send them back and forth in emails and what not.  The solution for this is Dropbox.  One of us created a folder in our Dropbox account, and then shared that folder with the other members of the family.  At that point, all members can drag all the photos and videos they took right into Dropbox, and it will sync to everyone else’s folder.


My Sister and I constantly use this feature as well.  When she takes a really cute picture of one of my kids, she’ll add it to our shared folder.  When I need to send her some files for her business, I add it to our shared folder.  It’s SO easy!

Here’s the other part of Dropbox I adore.  When I take a picture with my cell phone, it automatically gets added to my Dropbox folder.  That means, if I ever lose my phone, destroy my phone, or have to factory reset my phone, I can do so without worry since I know all the pictures I’ve taken on the phone are already saved.

There are also some amazing recipes you can create for Dropbox with IFTTT.  If you aren’t using IFTTT yet… ummmm…. what exactly are you waiting for?  It’s SO awesome!  You can automatically download any email attachments to Dropbox, save any Instagram photos to Dropbox automatically, record your phone calls to Dropbox, send anything with a specific hashtag directly to your Dropbox folder (my friend Kris already set up a hashtag for her Wedding, and will have all of the Instagram photos that are shared from her wedding automatically download to Dropbox)

It’s really amazing what you can save and share with Dropbox.  So set up a few shared folders today, and start compiling all those family photos!  I’m even adding all the photos I’ve scanned from my old pictures to a shared folder with my siblings.  We LOVE to look back at the old days…



I was not paid or sponsored in anyway by Dropbox, I just love the program.

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