Achieving Your Health Goals With Tech

I would say that the most common New Year resolution is health-related.  Eat better, work out more, lose weight, etc.  So, what is going to help you stick to your goals this year, instead of quitting after just a few weeks? Here are a few of my ideas to help you in achieving your health goals.

At any given moment I have about 3-4 devices counting my steps (my Garmin Vivoactive, Lumo Lift, sometimes my phone).  Once, I was only wearing my Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch and didn’t notice it had run out of batteries before my workout.  I totally ended up working out again… Tracking or it doesn’t count, right?

I mainly use my Garmin to track my steps, since it integrates with most of the apps I want to use. Specifically, My Fitness Pal, which I also love for its integration into just about anything.  

I’ve tried other food trackers, but always end up coming back to My Fitness Pal.  It’s just SO complete!  I also love that it keeps me motivated to keep logging in and tracking.  I get notifications on my phone… Hey!  You’ve logged in 89 days in a row!  Don’t break your streak now!  

I love that I can see the calorie offset from the steps I’ve taken with my Garmin.  I love that my weight gets automatically added when I step on my Garmin Scale…. well… maybe I don’t love that as much… BUT it DOES motivate me to keep going so people can see how I’m doing (only when I’m doing well though).  So, if you aren’t using MyFitnessPal for tracking yet, go get on that right now.

When I’m working out though, I want to see exactly how hard I’m working, and no workout is complete without my trusty heart rate monitor!  I use a couple of different ones, depending on the activity.  When I’m doing my DailyBurn home workouts I like to use the Daily Burn Heart Rate Monitor.  

I love that it will tell me right within the app how hard I’m working out, and how many calories I’ve burned. They even have a Heart Rate Monitor program where my favorite trainer Anja tells you exactly what heart rate zone you should currently be working in… and kicks your butt at the same time.  

For other workouts, I use my Garmin Heart Rate strap or just the watch itself.  I track the workout with Garmin Connect.  It ties perfectly with MyFitnessPal, but I also love looking at the Garmin app where it also pulls in the food I’ve eaten from MyFitnessPal.

Speaking of DailyBurn, there are really so many great options for you to be able to work out from home. No more excuses!  DailyBurn has an AWESOME 365 program.  When I’m just not feeling like a workout, I can always do the 365 workouts.  

It goes super fast, they are really fun, and I can make it as easy or as hard as I want.  When I’m really feeling like getting down to business though, they have some great options to choose from.  Inferno and Black Fire are my favorites.

I also pay for Beach Body On Demand.  I definitely like the variety of programs I can get there too. They are super popular programs, like TurboFire and P90X.  After having tried just about every streaming fitness application, I only pay for DailyBurn and BeachBody on Demand.  There are also some great options on YouTube for workouts that are completely free. Disclaimer*, I do NOT drink Shakeology, nor am I a “coach”, I just like the videos.

A couple of other apps that help me in my healthy journey are 30 Day Fitness and RockMyRun. 30 Day Fitness helps me target specific areas I want to work on. RockMyRun helps you find the ultimate playlist for your runs. I’ve also tried out Sworkit occasionally, which I liked, but I like full workout videos more, so I uninstalled it. BodyFast has helped me stick with intermittent fasting when I have done that from time to time as well.

So, this year I’m determined to get back to the body I had 5 years ago. It’s gotten completely out of control for me, and this year, I’m going to hit it hard!

Achieving Your Health Goals with Tech

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