5 Ways to Keep Your Packages Safe

Worried about porch pirates stealing all of your Black Friday deals? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

It’s that of year again! When Amazon packages start arriving en mass, not that they ever really stopped, right?? Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here, packages are going to start piling up on your porch! What are the best ways to keep your packages safe?

Unfortunately, these days, criminals also know that packages are on their way. There are some people who will follow delivery drivers around a neighborhood and grab packages almost as soon as they are delivered. These porch pirates are making everyone on edge trying to figure out ways to keep packages safe.

Make sure all of your packages get safely delivered this year by utilizing some of our tips!

Have packages delivered to your office

Obviously, the easiest way to stop the porch pirates is to have your packages delivered to a place of business instead. I choose to get a lot of my Amazon purchases sent to my office, sometimes just so I can use my new thing right away! My cubicle also happens to be a great place to hide Christmas presents! My kids never try to find them there.

Utilize Amazon Key

Amazon has a great new featured called Amazon Key. This allows your Amazon delivery driver the ability to open your garage door, your front door, or even your car to deliver your packages.

If you have a smart garage door opener like the MyQ from Chamberlain, you can set up the Amazon Key app and accept deliveries to your garage. This is my favorite option of the three since I can still lock the door that goes from my garage to my house, so they will ONLY have access to my garage.

The company does a background check on the delivery drivers. It also has some safeguards in place to ensure proper use of your Garage door. But it’s best to be safe than sorry. Even with all of those safeguards, things happen, I’m sure.

All three of the most popular smart lock companies are also partnered with Amazon Key including Kwikset (my favorite), Yale and Schlage. Your driver can unlock your door, place the packages safely inside and then lock it back up once they have delivered the package. The app will then revoke the driver’s access to your house after successful delivery, so you don’t have to worry that random people have access to your house at all times.

Finally, you can have your packages delivered to your car if you drive specific makes and models! This way, if you can’t be home, you can make sure your package will still be delivered to you safely.

keep your packages safe

Use Amazon lockers

Amazon probably delivers more packages throughout the US than any other online retailer. Therefore they definitely have some amazing options to help get your package safely to you. Amazon locker is another one of those services. You can find out if there is an Amazon locker located near you from their website.

The Amazon locker is just like it sounds. It’s a bay of lockers that only allow access to the contents by individuals with the combination. The only downside is you will have to the location instead of having the packages delivered right to your location. Not only can you get packages delivered to the secured locker, you can also use the locker to return items.

Keep your eye on your porch with a video doorbell

Although a video doorbell won’t actually prevent someone from taking a package off of your porch, they may just think twice about it. Having a video doorbell can be a great deterrent for criminals since they know they are being recorded.

The video doorbell could also give you some great evidence to send to Amazon or the police if your packages do get stolen. Criminals are starting to wear masks to cover their faces when stealing packages since so many people have doorbell cameras.

Go low tech

Finally, you can go super low tech and text a neighbor! One that you know is home and can run over and grab your package off of your porch. Then you can get it from their house later. This does require you to know your neighbors well enough to text them, but most are happy to oblige. Especially if you will do the same for them when they aren’t home!

Have fun with your shopping this Black Friday weekend, and may all your packages get safely delivered to you!

5 Ways to Keep Your Packages Safe

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