5 PS4 Games to Play With Your Family

Gaming doesn't have to be isolating and addictive! It can actually help your kids learn teamwork or help you make lasting memories as a family!

People give gaming a hard time. It is typically seen as isolating and addictive, but there are so many games you can play as a whole family. Gaming together can be so much fun. Sometimes it even helps you connect with your kids on their level. Showing an interest in the things they love can really help you create lasting memories. Many think of the Nintendo Switch as the gaming platform for the whole family to enjoy. However, there are a lot of games available on the other platforms kids AND parents will enjoy playing together. Here are a few PS4 games to play with your family that we enjoy.

Drawful 2

The only game in our vast supply of games we own that never fails to bring anyone in the house out of the woodwork and into the family room is Drawful 2. We play it at the New Year’s Eve party we attend every year.

Without fail all 25 kids at the party (including the 3-4-year-olds AND the 14-year-olds) will make their way to the room we are playing in by the end of the game and BEG to play in the next game.

The game is played by connecting your individual smartphone to a website There is no app to install on your phone. A prompt will be sent to all of the individual phone screens requiring the person to draw the prompt they were given, like “time machine”.

Once all the drawings are entered, the game will display one of the drawings on the screen, and everyone has to guess what the drawing is. Next the game will list everyone’s responses to the drawing and everyone has to guess what the REAL prompt was. You get points for people guessing your response, or if you drew it, you get points if people guess the correct prompt. It is seriously SO MUCH FUN.

Here is some gameplay video so you can see how it works.


From the same people who make Drawful, Tee-KO is part of the JackBox Party Pack. It has some similar gameplay to Drawful, but this time you are creating Tee-Shirts. You draw different “logos” and then write up different phrases. The game will match various logos with phrases.

Sometimes the logo and phrase come together perfectly to make one hilarious tee-shirt. Since only 8 people can play at a time, this game is even fun for everyone else who is watching. We spent hours playing this game at our last family reunion.

Check out the gameplay in this video.

Gang Beasts

If you are looking for a “Super Smash Bros” type game to play on the PlayStation, Gang Beasts is your answer. This is a “last man standing” type game, sorta like Fortnite, but totally nothing like Fortnite. The controls are wonky and sluggish on purpose, making it a really fun game to play for all ages.

Whenever there are a lot of kids over at our house, they bust out Gang Beasts and everyone is super invested in the games, even those that aren’t playing. The characters are fun and somewhat gelatinous. The game is rated E10+, meaning it might not be suitable for children under the age of 10.

Here is the trailer for the game before it came out.

Overcooked 2

Collaboration games are really fun for the whole family. The idea behind Overcooked is that you are cooks in a kitchen. Orders start coming through and you need to work together to get the food out to the customers.

When my family plays the game, my husband will assign different family members various stations so everyone has a specific job to do. Learning to work together is an amazing way to spend and evening gaming with your family.

Check out the trailer for the game.

Playstation VR Playroom

Another collaboration game that is a favorite around here requires the PlayStation VR headset. What is really unique about the games in the Playroom VR is that one person wears the headset, and then something different is displayed on the TV. The person or people who are not wearing the headset will give commands to the person wearing the headset to help them accomplish their task.

One of the games is called Ghost House. You are a ghostbuster, and the people who aren’t wearing the headset will need to help you find the ghosts to catch them. As you work together you can catch all the ghosts!

Another game is called “Shoot the Bad Guy”. The person who is not wearing the headset will describe the bad guy to the person who is wearing it. You will need to shoot the bad guy… with a sticky nerf type dart. If you pick the right guy, you will get points.

Here is some gameplay video of the Ghost House…

As you can see, there are so many video games you can play as a family that will bring everyone together. Your kids can even learn skills like problem-solving and working together. Gaming can be fun! Try out a few different games and see which ones your family loves best!

5 PS4 Games to Play With Your Family

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