3M Privacy Screen Protectors

I took my cell phone to the mall last week. I wanted to have a screen protector put on it to prevent scratching and moisture.

Oh, I don’t ever drop my phone in water.

My  three year old for some unknow reason occasionally licks my phone.

I know, I know, it’s strange. But we have to move on my friends.

So, I went to one of those phone stores in the mall and asked how much as screen cover costs for a cell phones.

Twenty five dollars.

What the what?

Then I explained I just wanted a screen protector, not a new phone to go with it.

Then the teenager working at the store rolled his eyes at my sarcasm, and informed me it was an additional ten dollars to install it for me.


It costs five dollars to put a new battery in your watch, and they take the watch apart.

Yeah, I walked away with my head held high.

And my phone hidden from my slobbering three year old.

Back to the drawing board. I decided next to use my DIY skills and attempt to put a screen protector on myself. Guess what I discovered? For a whole lot less, I could buy a phone screen that offers protection and privacy.

Take that you pimply mall teenager!

Oh man, now I feel bad. I’m going to get adult acne just for saying that.

I decided to put 3M covers on the screens of both my Samsung phone, my iPhone and my iPad. I will admit I was very very nervous about doing it myself. But, after seeing how much cheaper it was, and flying on an airplane with my iPad and a nosy middle aged man sitting next to me (is the fact he smelled relevant?), I decided to bite the bullet and just do it myself.

Here’s the gist of how it works. First, pick up the privacy screen protector that matches your phone or tech device.

Inside is the screen, and you want to hang onto this cardboard piece as well.

After cleaning your device you want to peel back the plastic on the screen.

Line it up and put it down on one side first.

Use the cardboard to smooth the rest out.

That’s it! Super easy.

I was worried the screen would be darker on my phone, but it still looks great!

When you angle the phone on it’s side the privacy screen makes it impossible for anyone next to me to see what I am doing.

Like posting on Facebook that the dude sitting next to me on an airplane smells like waffles.

I actually like waffles.

3M makes all kinds of cool privacy screens and filters. The best part is they sell them everywhere.

Thanks 3M for hooking me up with some privacy screens to try out and bringing back my dignity. I just might head back to the mall and stand outside a certain store while talking on my cell phone. 🙂


To learn more about 3M and their amazing snobby teenager free products go here.






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