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I am totally loving this free new photography sharing application! Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, 23snaps is a sweet family friendly new way of sharing and viewing your favorite photographs. (Android version coming soon!)

23snaps is basically a private social network, entirely used by your families and close friends all over the world. It’s super easy to stay connected too, and I love that like other social applications I can share status updates, photos, videos, and more with my loved ones.

I love the simple bright layout of the application, and unlike other social apps the photos appear quite big.  Scrolling up and down through posts is a breeze. I also like that I was able to create personal pages for each of my kids, allowing me to post to individual timelines catered just for them. Such a cool idea!

The timeline is displayed in chronological order which lets you relive every little moment again and again. I found I would often scroll through my kids individual timelines  just to view and remember the photographs I had taken and posted. I found it was a really sweet way to archive each of my children’s lives individually.

Another great feature in the app is the real-time notifications. This basically means that when a friend or family member you follow adds something new (photo, video, status update, etc.) you receive a real-time notification immediately, so that you never miss an important moment or milestone. I love this idea, especially for my siblings who have young children and babies experiencing so many “firsts”!

My absolute favorite part of 23snaps is most definitely the fact that it’s not an application that can be viewed by just anyone. It’s much more personal and private, allowing only whom you select to view your timelines and information. There are so many things about my kids lives I don’t want posted online for everyone to see. The whole idea of the 23snaps network isn’t to have as many friends as possible, it’s to be connected to those closest to you. And if you have a favorite photo that you decide you do want to share on Facebook… 23snaps has enabled Facebook sharing right inside the application. It’s super easy, and you still have complete privacy control.

If you are interested in trying out 23snaps, but haven’t yet made the jump to iOS, you can still benefit from this fabulous application. If you want to see the special moments from the person who invited you, you can still sign up and receive an email digest. You can easily choose how often you’d like to get an update too – either instantly, daily, or weekly. All of the entries your friends and family have shared will go straight to you in an email. Brilliant!

To learn more about 23snaps, or to download this fabulous free application, go HERE.

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