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201: Home Fitness Tech & Veronica Mars Discussion

In season 2, Emilee and Sarah are changing up the format for Family Tech Talk. First, we talk about the latest relevant tech news, next is our main discussion on technology. We then move on to talk about whatever we are currently watching and finish up with a pop culture “book club” type discussion. Join us!

Tech News: Netflix loses the rights to the Office, Playstation Vue and YouTube TV raise prices, Stranger Things drops a new season and more!

Main Topic: Working out from home can be just as effective as the gym, and often more convenient. Find out how to get the most out of your at home workouts. Some of the products we discuss include Fight Camp, Nerd Fitness, DailyBurn, BeachBody On Demand, and Zombie’s Run.

What We’re Watching: Sarah just finished Season 2 of Cobra Kai and LOVED it. Emilee watched the latest Spiderman and they are both currently watching Veronica Mars Season 1-3 in preparation for the new season to be released on Hulu at the end of July.

Pop Culture Book Club: Find out what Emilee and Sarah love and hate about Veronica Mars, and why they think Logan is way better than Duncan.

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