Instagram Arrives for Android Devices!

I was browsing through “Google Play” (formerly known as the Android Marketplace) on my tablet yesterday and imagine my surprise to see a familiar little icon called instagram!  I was only slightly disappointed, because I had signed up to be notified when it was going to hit Android, and it appears that it came out on the 3rd of April.  I’m late to the game.  Since April 20th it has already amassed over 5 MILLION downloads!    I immediately downloaded it, excited to finally join all my Apple toting friends on instagram.

All things considered it’s quite a simple little app.  I have a stream of pictures from all of the people I follow.  I just hit the “request all” when it brought up a list of all my Facebook friends that had already joined.  Now I just need to patiently wait for Windows Phone 7 to join the party and I’ll be set, since I enjoy the app on my tablet, actually taking pictures with my tablet is kinda a little unwieldy.

Windows Phone 7 isn’t completely missing the boat though.  There is an app called instacam that will allow you to view and like and comment on instagram items, but you can not upload directly to instagram from the app, which is sad.  I’ll just keep waiting patiently for an official app.

And don’t even get me started on the eyerolling that this post has me doing.  Seriously folks?  ugh, Apple snobs.

Pick up instagram for your android device in the Google Play Store now!

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